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At the Fourth Annual General Meeting of the June Lake Historical Society on August 2, 2012, Mr. Norm DeChambeau spoke on the history of the Mono Basin.  DeChambeau was a local Icon who in his retirement had become President and Curator for the Mono Basin Historical Society.  His talk is contained in the video below, and is quite fascinating.  Mr. DeChambeau passed away in May of 2016.   Click here for his presentation.


We know your images are important to you and hard to part with that's why we are focusing on building a digital collection of local images.  By digitizing your images we get to build our historical collection and you keep your originals.   Contact us about digitizing your collection and becoming a part of the June Lake Loop heritage.


Our gratitude to Donna Farris for her digital donation of images of the June Lake Village and Ice skating on Silver Lake.

View Here


Before you clear out the attic or  decide that "Less is More"  please consider donating those items that have historical value to the area.  We welcome your donations large or small.  Be a part of History!


Thank you Monica, for your digital donation of images of June Mountain in 1984 and Jack Zippwald, Lee Vining HS presenting an undefeated award to Ed Hoff, the Junior High football coach in 1981.

View Here


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